João França Data Scientist & Software Crafter

About Me

Hello there and welcome to my little corner!

I'm a Data Scientist with a Software Engineering background (and MSc degree in AI and Databases) who has been working on fascinating projects around the world. If this sounds interesting do check my work journey on LinkedIn, I try to keep it up to date. At the moment, you can find me at Talkdesk (R&D TDX innovation lab) as Engineering / Data Science Manager, taking part in a not so secret amazing project. Bellow you can find my areas of interest and expertise.

Data Science

R Jupyter Tensorflow SciPy Pandas

I definitely have a thing for:
• Analytics
• User behaviour and journey tracking, analysis, classification and prediction
• Timeseries modelling and forecasting

Software Engineering

I also have extensive experience in backend software engineering and architecture, specially data and algorithms related stuff :)


I'm familiar with most well known software development tools and agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban).


Hit me up on my email ( or any of the networks listed at the top!